Hotsy Cleaning Systems Inc. - Delafield, WI

The team at Web Matters listened to what we wanted to accomplish and told us what would work and what would not. They know enough about pressure washers that they knew the right phrases to use and their knowledge of pressure washers made it easy to get our points across so the meetings were short and productive. They got it 95% the way we wanted the first time and our site looked better than we could have imagined. Robin and Sami also know the best keywords to use to optimize our sight so it brings the right kind of customer to us. They kept our aggravation at about zero and made us look good the whole way through.

Rob Wurzel
Delafield, WI

Hotsy Pacific - Modesto, CA

I hired Web Matters for the complete design and setup of my website, and continue to use them for updates. The entire process with this company has been seamless with virtually no issues or complications whatsoever.

I am extremely pleased with the quality of their work, their response to my requests and their overall professionalism. I was quoted a specific timeline for the work to be completed and they completed the work within the timeline. They had quoted me a fair price and stuck to that price without any add on pricing.

When I needed something other than what was discussed in the beginning of our negotiations, I was again quoted a fair price. My overall experience with them has been extremely positive and I would highly recommend Web Matters for all your website needs. You may contact me directly if you have any other questions about the work they have done for me.

Jim O’Connell

Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center (AODVC) - Portland, OR.

We are a web based non-profit organization that partners with advocates globally. Thanks to Web Matters our virtual offices allow us to centralize our communications and information sharing.

Adding advocates to our team from any country is as easy as logging onto our secure extranet and creating profiles.

I recommend Web Matters for any job they are willing to take on. They are professional, easy to work with, and efficient.

Paula Lucas
Managing Director

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